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Yoga Top manufacturers Zipper Top for Fitness Zipper Top for Fitness:Coat Long Sleeved sports cardigan,Slim fit,With thumb buckle,Nude fabric,Comfortable against the skin, moisture wicking Q: why do you practice yoga barefoot? A: It is conducive to the discharge of turbidity in the body from the feet and has a certain anti-skid effect. Q: Why isn't yoga practice sweating? A: The sweat from yoga practice often exudes outward. It can expel the cold and toxins from the depths of the body, make the meridians unobstructed, speed up the blood circulation, help lose weight, beautify, treat diseases, and eliminate hidden dangers in the body. Q: Why does your foot cramp during practice? A: There are 4 reasons: 1) The tendons and collaterals of the feet are blocked, and the discharge of turbid gas under the feet is blocked 2) Lack of exercise 3) Calcium deficiency 4) If the left thumb and ring finger cramp for many times for a long time, it may be renal dysfunction Q: Dizziness during practice? A: There are 4 reasons: 1) Extreme fasting or hypoglycemia 2) Overeating leads to blood concentration in the stomach and insufficient blood supply to the brain 3) Hypoglycemia, hypotension or hypertension, hyperglycemia (if you have the above diseases, you should inform your yoga teacher in advance so as to carry out targeted exercises) 4) Some postural movements will cause blood to flow to the brain (such as bow), which is a normal reaction, and it can be recovered by relaxing a littleYoga Top manufacturers website:http://www.yoga-manufacturer.com/yoga-top/

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