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PUR Edge Banding Glue Our Company Industrial Chains Service Process Contact us Our Company Established in 1995, Shanghai Rocky Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in providing one-stop service of the whole industrial chain for domestic and foreign customers, providing turnkey projects designed by the whole factory, improving procurement efficiency and reducing procurement costs for domestic and foreign customers. Carry out ex-factory inspection, on-site factory inspection, loading supervision and acceptance, after-sales service, etc. for the supplier products in the industrial chain required by customers. Introduction of office address and office environment Service Department of Trading Company: Laboratory and Warehouse: 1) Network and brand promotion team 2) Supplier audit team 3) Quality inspection team (laboratory, experimental instruments, etc.) 4) Transport logistics customer service documentary team 5) Technical service team 6) China and global service networkPUR Edge Banding Glue website:http://www.rockysuppliers.com/