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聽 聽 The types of safety nets include general safety nets, (flame retardant safety nets), dustproof nets, block nets, and anti-fall nets. The material of the product varies by application. Therefore, the different applications of safety nets depend on the material itself.
聽 聽 The biggest difference between Debris fire net and other safety nets should be the improvement of their flame-retardant properties. What are the flame retardant properties of flame retardant safety nets that we need to pay attention to? Let's take a look锛?/p>
When encountering the indicator of whether the fire is burning, because the main raw material for making the safety net is high-density polyethylene plastic particles, the plastic particles are easy to burn and produce toxic and harmful gases when encountering an open fire. Therefore, the safety net needs to be added with flame retardants during the production process. In order to reduce costs, manufacturers do not add flame retardants or add too little flame retardants in raw materials, which will lead to unqualified flame-retardant properties of products.
聽 聽 The Debris fire net has the advantages of high strength, light weight, heat insulation, ventilation, light transmission, fire prevention, dust prevention and noise reduction. Therefore, use a wide range of areas such as construction sites.
聽 聽 In the development of buildings, safety has become the primary issue. To ensure the smooth progress and effectiveness of the works, the developers use Debris fire net as protective measures to ensure the safety of workers and the quality of the works.
聽 聽 In addition, the Debris fire net can also be used to deal with external noise pollution. Due to the small mesh size, the Debris fire net can effectively isolate the noise during the construction process and reduce the noise pollution to the surrounding environment.China NETS suppliers

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Customized NETS Suppliers in China | SINO TOPWAY

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